Microsoft Brings News and Interests to Every Windows 10 Users Taskbar

Microsoft is rolling out its new news and interests feature to all Windows 10 users, bringing a handy news tab to your taskbar.

The new feature, which Microsoft has slowly rolled out to users on Insider Preview builds for the past few months, is a customizable news feed complete with local traffic news, customizable stock tickers, interest feeds, and more.

Windows 10 News & Interests Arrives on Your Taskbar

News and interests first appeared in Windows 10 preview builds in early 2021, and the full release version went live in May 2021.

However, due to the Windows 10 update process, news and interests is only now rolling out to the majority of users following June 2021’s Patch Tuesday update. Patch Tuesday is usually a security-focused update, but Microsoft uses it to push small new features live on occasion.

Users running Windows 10 version 1909 or later will receive the news and features update after downloading and installing the latest Windows 10 update.

What Is Windows 10 News & Interests?

News and interests is a taskbar app that delivers a live stream of news direct to your desktop. It has taken some inspiration from Live Tiles, with many of news and features widgets replicating those functions in a single, easily accessible feed.

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You can customize news and interests with top news stories, local news stories and traffic reports, and more. You can add cards for your favorite sports teams, music, movies, books, careers, personal finance, parenting, and more, with more interest cards set to arrive in the future.

At the time of launch, Windows 10 US users have a greater range of news sources and information cards, as well as the option to Tune your feed with publications and interests from a wide range of options. However, it won’t take long for this functionality to extend to other regions and countries.

How Do I Switch Windows 10 News & Interests Off?

Since Microsoft pushed news and interests live, the biggest question from many users is, “How do I switch it off?”

Many Windows 10 users abhor having new features pushed upon them by Microsoft, and while news and features isn’t the most intrusive new feature, it should be an optional desktop update rather than enforced.

To turn Windows 10 news and interests off:

  1. Right-click news and interests on the taskbar.
  2. Head to News and interests.
  3. Select Turn off.

That’s all you have to do to switch news and interests off in Windows 10, removing the new feature from your taskbar. News and features shouldn’t return to your taskbar until you switch it back on, though Microsoft does have previous with sneaking features back to the top of the pile.

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