How to View and Delete Your Amazon Prime Video Watch History

Amazon Prime Video is packed full of great movies and TV shows, from Amazon originals to licensed third-party content. Whenever you watch anything on Prime Video, even for a minute, it's added to your watch history.

But what if you get halfway through something and decide you don't want to watch it anymore? It's annoying to see it clogging up the homepage of Prime Video. As such, we're going to show you how to manage and delete your Amazon Prime Video watch history.

How to Manage Your Amazon Prime Video Watch History

When you don't finish watching something on Prime Video, whether you've seen a few episodes of a TV season or got halfway through a movie (perhaps when hosting a Prime Video watch party), it appears on the Continue watching row on the homepage. It's also used to feed your recommendation algorithm.

That's great if you do actually want to keep watching it. However, if you've stopped watching it entirely, it's annoying for that show or movie to show on your homepage for eternity.

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You can easily view and manage your Prime Video watch history (each profile has a separate history), but you must do so on desktop.

How to Remove Something From the Continue Watching Row

The easiest way to remove something from the Continue watching row is:

  1. Navigate to the Amazon Prime Video homepage.
  2. Find the Continue watching row.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click the cross icon on what you want to remove.
  5. Click Done.

How to View and Manage Your Watch History

If you want to view your entire Prime Video watch history and remove things from it:

  1. Navigate to the Amazon Prime Video homepage.
  2. Click the cog icon in the top-right.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Watch history. Here is a record of everything you've watched.
  5. If applicable, click Delete episodes/movie from Watch History on what you want to remove.

Get the Most From Amazon Prime Video

Keep your Prime Video watch history in check and you'll ensure your homepage contains only things you want to see, including what's recommended to you.

Admittedly, Prime Video doesn't have the greatest interface, but it might have some features you aren't aware of. While you're there, explore the settings to see what else you can customize.

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