How to Use Netflix Kids’ New Top 10 Row and Recap Emails

Netflix isn't just for grown-ups who binge-watch their favorite TV shows like it's no big deal. Children also watch Netflix (often excessively), and kids even have their own separate section of the streaming service now. Called, rather obviously, Netflix Kids.

Netflix recently introduced a couple of child-friendly features to assist parents in deciding what their children should watch next. This includes a recap email with recommendations and activities, as well as a Top 10 row specifically aimed at kids.

What Are Netflix' Recap Emails for Kids?

Netflix already hosts a number of special features and tools for parents, such as custom ratings, kids' profiles, and profile locks. And it has now introduced a couple more options to assist you in figuring out what to watch next.

Parents who create a profile for their children will receive a bi-weekly summary email that will help them understand their children's preferences and provide more options to engage their interests. This provides suggestions based on what they've previously watched on Netflix.

Aside from that, you can print coloring pages and activities based on your kids' favorite characters from their favorite TV shows. There are also theme charts that highlight the types of shows they enjoy watching, such as science or friendship programs. This will offer you a better idea of what interests them, at least on Netflix. You'll also learn how to get the most out of Netflix's Kids features.

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What Is the Netflix Kids Top 10 Row?

The Top 10 rows on the Netflix homepage show you what's popular on Netflix. And the Netflix Kids' Top 10 row is no exception.

You'll get a list of the 10 most popular children's programs in your country. This allows you to observe what other children are watching, which could help you make sense of the huge catalog of kids shows Netflix now offers.

The Kids Top 10 rows is updated daily and includes the most popular children's entertainment, such as shows and movies, as well as maturity ratings.

The goal of the feature is to produce a one-of-a-kind collection of best-in-class stories from which to choose. When picking what to watch, the Kids' Top 10 row will help kids and parents see what's popular, especially when they're all together as a family.

The popular kids movies, series, and specials that make this list will be marked with a red “Top 10” badge everywhere they appear in Netflix's Kids profiles. The Top 10 list can be found on the Kids' homepage or in the New & Popular part of the menu.

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Where to Find These Netflix Kids Features

The Kids Top 10 area is now visible on your child's profile, and biweekly emails will be automatically sent out to those who have at least one child's profile on their account. You can, however, unsubscribe at any time.

According to About Netflix, these features should be available to all users by now.

Netflix first offered children's profiles in 2013 and has since made numerous changes to the service. Netflix Kids accounts on TVs were redesigned this spring to feature a Favorites row on the homepage with five characters from the TV episodes or movies that a child has watched the most.

Get to Know Netflix's Family-Friendly Features

Movies and shows enable children to connect with the world, helping them learn about new locations, form ties with family and friends, and comprehend other viewpoints. That's why Netflix has introduced these family-friendly features that are suitable for both kids and parents alike.

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