How to Use Chat Replies on Twitch to Keep Conversations Going

For a long time, holding a conversation on Twitch was a little chaotic—you had to keep mentioning the other person in your messages, and if anyone else wanted to join, you eventually had a mish-mash of people pinging one another.

Now, Twitch has implemented a new conversation feature that lets you better track who’s saying what.

Here’s how to use Twitch chat replies to make conversations easier to follow.

How to Use Twitch Chat Replies

To reply to a comment on Twitch, first hover your cursor over it. When you do, you should see a little arrow button appear on the comment with the option to Reply to Message.

Click this arrow. You should see the comment you’re replying to appear above the message box. This means you’re currently replying in a thread.

Type what you want to say to the person and hit Enter. When you do, your message will post as normal. However, along the top of your message, it will state that you’re replying to someone and give a brief excerpt of the comment you linked.

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If you want to see a thread of comments, hover your cursor over a reply. When you do, you should see that the arrow button has turned into a speech bubble instead. You’ll see this even if you have not taken part in the threat.

When you click the Open Thread button, the comments will appear above your text box as usual. However, this time you’ll see everyone who has replied in the comment thread.

When you send a message, it will be added to this comment chain, even if you weren’t included in the conversation at the start.

Getting Social on Twitch

Twitch is mainly designed to connect streamers with their viewers, but sometimes the viewers want to chat among themselves too.

Now you know how to better organize your conversations on Twitch so that you, your recipient, and anyone wanting to jump in can keep up with the topic.

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