How to Use Android Auto for Off-Road Navigation

Android Auto has become a very useful app to have while driving. The app allows you to utilize your phone through your car's infotainment screen and control its functions using the car’s buttons and microphone. It has made navigating towns and cities a lot easier, and you can use it for off-road driving too.

Let's take a look at how to get started.

Android Auto and Gaia GPS

Google Maps is a great navigation tool, providing you with quick routes and updating them accordingly to traffic and road conditions. But just like its competitors, Waze and Apple Maps, it was made for typical route-following drivers.

If you wanted to go off-road, exploring the wilderness, that was not an option until now. Android Auto now lets you connect with Gaia GPS, a popular off-road mapping service, that provides routes on all sorts of terrain and backcountry roads.

Download: Gaia GPS (Free, in-app purchases available)

What Can You Do With Gaia GPS?

Gaia GPS is a powerful navigation tool used by hikers, rock climbers, and adventurers who wish to explore the wilderness. It provides detailed trails and guidance in unsafe areas not marked by regular GPS. By connecting with Android Auto, all of its capabilities are brought to you in your car.

You can use view various active map layers to view different location details. It allows you to record and share custom tracks and categorizes them as drivable or not. The app offers many Google Maps functionalities for off-map locations.

It should be noted that, unlike Google Maps that lets you download its maps for free, Gaia GPS will charge a premium membership for providing its users with a detailed map catalog to use offline.

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How to Connect Gaia GPS With Android Auto

To use Gaia GPS with Android Auto you will need a Gaia GPS account, the latest version of the Gaia GPS app, and an Android Auto-supported vehicle.

To begin using the GPS on your Android Auto system, connect your phone to your vehicle's Android Auto system and select Gaia GPS from the dashboard.

Make sure you have your location's permission enabled for Gaia GPS, otherwise the app will not work. If you have any other problems, take a look at our Android Auto troubleshooting guide for help.

Start a New Adventure

Why not go for a drive and be brave and adventurous. Gaia GPS opens a lot of possibilities, so why not explore what the world has to offer. Remember to drive safely and always prepare for wherever you go.

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