How to Screen Record on Chromebook

​​​​​​Recording your screen was not always easy on a Chromebook. You had to use third-party apps and extensions for screen recording before. Thankfully, Google decided to offer an improved version of the built-in screen capture tool with added features and capabilities from Chrome OS 89 onwards.

This improved tool allows you to take partial screenshots and offers a screen recording feature. So now, you get a fully functional screen recording app preinstalled in your Chromebook rather than a primary snipping tool.

Using the Screen Capture Tool in Chrome OS

Click on the right corner of the taskbar (on the Wi-Fi, Battery, and Time option). A menu with various options will appear. Locate and click on Screen capture. Alternatively, you can open the capture tool by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Show Windows.

Once the tool opens, you can explore its options. For screen recording, click on the Screen record icon (second from left). You have three options for recording: Fullscreen, Partial screen, and Window.

The fullscreen option records the whole screen. The partial screen option is for recording a specific area of the screen, which you can select by a simple click and drag of the cursor. And the window option is to record a particular window like a Google Chrome tab.

You can also choose to enable or disable the Record microphone option for your videos in the Settings.

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After choosing one of the recording options mentioned above, you can now start recording by clicking the Record button.

To stop the recording, click on the red Stop icon in the right corner of the taskbar, next to Wi-Fi, Battery, and Time.

The system will save the recording in the Downloads folder by default.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the built-in screen capture tool, you can always download Chrome extensions and Android apps for a more advanced screen recording experience.

Enjoy the Screen Recording Feature on Your Chromebook

In this digital age, everyone needs screenshots or recordings at some point. It is a positive step on Google’s part to add these features to Chrome OS.

Now you don’t need to go through an extra hassle to perform this basic task on your Chromebook, as the preinstalled app does a pretty decent job.

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