How to Find Out What Country Your iPhone Was Manufactured In?

As of 2021, it is estimated that there are a billion iPhones in the world. However, these billion iPhones are not all the same. Because Apple sells iPhones in various countries, it has to alter its hardware slightly depending on government requirements.

Learning where your iPhone comes from reveals a couple of interesting facts about your device. This is because there are slight differences in its various iPhone models across countries. But, why does it matter?

Why It Matters Where Your iPhone Was Manufactured

In 2018, Apple released the first iPhone models with dual SIM card slots. However, it was only for the iPhone XR and XS Max models that were manufactured in China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

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Unlike the dual SIM models released later in other countries, iPhones manufactured in these countries lets you use two physical SIM cards, instead of a supplementing one for an eSIM. This is partly due to mainland China having a ban on eSIMs.

In addition, your iPhone's manufacturing origin is one of the things that people check before purchasing a second-hand device. Some countries, such as Japan, are known to have more stringent quality control measures, particularly for refurbished models. For this reason, Japanese devices are often top choices when buying second-hand iPhones.

How to Find Out Where Your iPhone Was Manufactured

To learn where your iPhone was manufactured, go to Settings > General > About.

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Look at the Model Number. You should see two letters before the slash (/), which signify what country your device is from.

Here's the list of country manufacturing codes:

Country Code Manufacturing Origin
A Canada
AB Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE
B Ireland, UK
BG Bulgaria
BR Brazil
BZ Brazil
C Canada
CH China
CI Paraguay
CM Croatia, Hungary
CR Croatia
CS Czech Republic, Slovakia
CN Slovakia
CZ Czech Republic
D, DM Germany
DN Austria, Germany, Netherlands
E Mexico
EE Estonia
EL Estonia, Latvia
ER Ireland
ET Estonia
F France
FB France, Luxembourg
FD Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
FS Finland
GB Greece
GH Hungary
GP Portugal
GR Greece
HB Israel
HC Hungary, Bulgaria
IN India
IP Italy
J, JP Japan
IP Italy, Portugal
ID Indonesia
K Sweden
KH China, South Korea
KN Denmark, Norway
KS Finland, Sweden
LA Barbados, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico
LE Argentina
LL United States
LP Poland
LT Lithuania
LV Latvia
LZ Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
MG Hungary
MM Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro
MY Malaysia
ND Netherlands
NF Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal
PK Poland, Finland
PL, PM Poland
PO Portugal
PP Republic of the Philippines
PY Spain
QB Russia
QN Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
QL Italy, Portugal, Spain
RO Romania
RP Russia
RR Moldova, Russia
RS, RU Russia
RM Kazakhstan, Russia
RK Kazakhstan
SE Serbia
SL Slovakia
SO South Africa
SU Ukraine
T Italy
TA Taiwan
TH Thailand
TU Turkey
TY Italy
VN Vietnam
X Australia, New Zealand
Y Spain
ZA Singapore
ZD Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Switzerland
ZG Denmark
ZP Hong Kong, Macau
ZQ Jamaica

Learn Where Your iPhone Is From

Depending on where it was manufactured, there are subtle differences when it comes to iPhones models. As more nations introduce country-specific hardware requirements, the differences between devices may matter more.

However, all iPhones that are sold through Apple and its various official retailers are sure to have passed quality testing. In addition, iPhones purchased through quality retailers will also have a warranty, no matter where it was manufactured.

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