How to Easily Create Slide Decks Using Paste by WeTransfer

Ever wondered if there was a simple tool to help you create a sleek slide deck? If you want to move away from traditional or complex tools to create collaborative presentations, Paste by WeTransfer is an ideal solution.

Creating slide decks online and collecting feedback can become challenging when you are working remotely. Alternatively, if you make a presentation on your laptop and upload it to a drive, the formatting often goes for a toss. In this article, we will discuss how Paste can solve these challenges.

What Is Paste by WeTransfer?

Paste by WeTransfer is software that helps you create professional and aesthetically pleasing presentations. Not everyone is a designer or wants to spend hours formatting their presentations.

Understanding the nuances of the theme of your brand and incorporating it into your presentation is also challenging, especially when you are working under time constraints. Compared to its contemporaries, Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, or SlideShare, Paste takes a more visual approach.

The software provides simple ways to insert content to your slides, format them, and even embed the final presentation on platforms such as Weebly or Wix. Currently, Paste is accessible on iPhone, iPad, and desktop. Let us understand the features offered on the web-based version of Paste.

Signing Up for Paste

You can create an account for free on Paste, either through social media or email credentials. When you sign up for Paste, you also access limited features of Collect and WeTransfer, a cloud-based file transfer software.

In the free version of Paste, you can create up to three-slide decks and share them with your team. At any time, you can upgrade to WeTransfer Pro and enjoy unlimited access to the three software.

Understanding the Layout of the Software

Before we create a presentation, lets us understand the layout of the software. In the left panel, you can set the theme of your brand, invite team members to access the deck and create groups to organize your presentations.

You can import an existing PPT or PDF from your laptop, or select a starter desk in the top-right panel.

You can also click the help button to search articles, send a question to the support team, and find FAQs.

Creating a New Slide Deck on Paste

If a blank canvas sounds appealing, and you have a selection of videos or links handy, you can drag and drop them to create a new deck. However, if you want to design specific decks based on your audience or a particular goal, choosing a starter deck by Paste is helpful.

1. Click Create a new deck on the main workspace.

2. Select the category and the corresponding deck you want to use.

3. Click the plus icon to add a new slide to the deck, and it appears as a new screen.

4. You can add text, format it, or add an image to the slide.

5. To view additional functions, click the ellipsis.

6. To add columns to the slide columns, click the plus icon on the scroll bar or the Add column button at the bottom of the slide. You can edit individual columns by clicking the ellipsis inside the slide.

7. Click Done to complete the slide, and click the cross to return to the presentation.

Formatting Content on the Slide

Paste helps you style the text using the most commonly used formatting options. The tool automatically detects the text and shows a format bar above it. You can resize the content, select the font color, create a list or insert a link.

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Understanding the Different Layouts on Paste

Power layout and media frame are the USPs of Paste. The former helps you format the slide in 5 ways, and the latter tailors content for optimal viewing on a mobile, desktop, or tablet.

You can choose the following layouts:

  • Intro: The text is placed at the center of the slide, and media is in the background.
  • Show: This option uses media as the centerpiece of the slide, supported by text and comments.
  • Tell: The text is smaller than the Show layout, but is the center of the slide.
  • Multi: The content is added in three columns
  • Compare: Two or more media are aligned next to each other.

By assigning a frame to the content, you can create beautiful mockups for different devices.

Creating Groups to Organize Slide Decks

The Groups feature enables you to declutter your workspace and organize presentations. You can create groups and add presentations to them.

The default, How To group is a collection of tutorial slide decks. Each of these decks helps you learn about the functionalities of Paste.

  1. To create a new group, click plus in the left-hand panel.
  2. Enter the name of the group. By default, all the groups are share with your team.
  3. To make a group private, enable the Make Private option.
  4. To edit or delete a group, click the ellipsis adjacent to the name of a group and select the appropriate option.

Sharing and Presenting the Slide Deck

Once you have created the presentation, you can share it by clicking the Share Deck option. You can configure the deck to open in the presentation mode and get a shareable link.

If you are ready to show the presentation to your team, click the Present option. You can click the Move option on the top right panel to transfer the deck to a group.

Managing Account Settings on Paste

On the top-left panel of the home screen, click profile > Account to configure account settings. Here, you can create a unique theme for your brand via the Themes tab.

You can also choose colors, font size, or add a watermark to your slides. By default, only one font is available, but you can upload custom fonts from your laptop.

  • On the Account tab, you can set your details or delete the account.
  • Click the Billing tab to view your current plan and upgrade to WeTransfer Pro. This tab provides information about pricing and inclusions in the paid version of the software, and there is a FAQ section to help you understand the tool.
  • To share the slide with new members, click the Members tab. You can also invite someone to join your team by adding their team domain.

Download: Paste by WeTransfer for iPad | iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

Creating Unique Presentations with Paste

Paste is helpful for someone who wants to focus on the content instead of the design aspects or visualization of the layout.

But, if you like the process of creating big, bold presentations or if you have highly customized requirements, this software might limit you.

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