How to Disable HD Rumble on Nintendo Switch

When you’re playing on a Switch, there is nothing like a solid vibration during a critical boss battle that truly immerses you in a world.

However, while the HD Rumble is a loved feature by many Switch owners, not everyone enjoys it. Here is how to turn your Switch HD rumble off.

Why Deactivate HD Rumble?

One of the biggest reasons that people don’t like the HD rumble is because it is not standard across games. So while the vibration feature can be a cool addition that enhances the experience of one game, it can also be a distracting feature for another.

We know several games for their intense vibrations during critical battles. Additionally, users with aftermarket controllers have reported issues with their gyro sensors for games with active vibration.

For those looking to extend their Switch handheld playing time, disabling the HD Rumble can add a bit more battery life.

HD Rumble can lead to overstimulation and put off users with sensory issues. For Switch users who like to wind down with a game before bed, the HD Rumble can make it stressful instead of a soothing experience.

Lastly, Switch users sharing beds with significant others might find the constant rumbling causes disturbance while they sleep. Trying to sleep can be difficult when they can feel the vibrations from the other side of the bed.

Steps to Deactivate HD Rumble

While some games allow for adjustment within the settings of the game itself, not all do. Here is how you can deactivate the HD rumble for all games on your Nintendo Switch.

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To deactivate the vibrate feature of your Nintendo Switch, go to your home page. Then, select System Settings > Controllers and Sensors. Next, select Controller Vibration  and select Off to deactivate HD rumble.

If you decide to revert back to having HD Rumble on, simply repeat the steps above.

A Rumble-Free Gaming Experience

While the HD Rumble is definitely a feature worth having, it is not necessarily worth using for every game, every day.

If you’re starting to feel like it’s no longer helping and is disrupting your Switch experience instead, head on over to your settings for a rumble-free gaming experience.

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