How to Change Your PS4 Profile Cover Picture

You can personalize many parts of your PS4 profile and make your profile unique to you. One aspect you can change is your PS4 profile cover photo.

Here's how you can change your PS4 profile cover photo and set it to any image you like.

How Do I Change My PS4 Profile Cover Photo?

You can change PS4's profile cover photo quickly and easily.

First, you need to get to your PS4 profile cover image settings. Do this with either of these pathways:

  • Settings > Account Management > Account Information > Profile > Cover Image
  • Profile > … > Change Cover Image

From here, you can add, change, and remove your PS4 profile cover image as well as choose a background color for it. In your profile settings, you can also change an assortment of things, including changing your PS4 profile avatar.

Select Change Cover Image. Now, you can choose one of your screenshots as your PS4 cover image.

This can sound limiting as, at first, you can only choose between automatic trophy screenshots, in-game screenshots, or general PS4 screenshots you might've taken.

But, you can set your cover image to whatever image you like.

To do this, go to your PS4's Internet Browser app, search for an image you want, press square to go to full screen, then take a screenshot of it using the Share button on your controller.

You can also use the PS App to send instant messages to your friends, which then sync up with your PS4. So, download an image in your phone, send it to a friend via the PS App, access the image in the Messages section of your PS4, wait for the “information” prompt to disappear, then screenshot it.

With either of these methods, you can go beyond just PS4 screenshots and use whatever image you feel best fits your PS4 profile cover photo.

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Keep Your PS4 Personalized and Organized

Now you can change your PS4 profile cover photo! Feel free to mix things up every so often and switch between stylish wallpapers and your unique in-game screenshots.

Be sure to keep on top of both your PS4's look and organization—both play a crucial role and make your PS4 the best system it can be for you.

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