How Nintendo Successfully Avoids the Console Wars

There's always been discussion amongst gamers about which console is the best, with Sony and Microsoft dominating the discussion for several years. But, despite being amongst the big three companies in gaming, Nintendo stays out of these often heated debates.

So, how does Nintendo stay out of the console wars despite being one of the best console manufacturers out there? Let's analyze.

How Nintendo Steers Clear of the Console Wars

Nintendo doesn't need to involve itself in childish playground tactics to win fans old and new over. Here's why…

1. Nintendo Creates Unique Console Offerings

The GameCube was the last of Nintendo's conventional console offerings, competing with the likes of the PS2 and the original Xbox. Since then, Nintendo's consoles have been tricky to compare to Sony and Microsoft's hardware.

After the GameCube, Nintendo put out the Wii, which gave gamers an experience unlike anything else. The Wii nailed motion controls and had games that capitalized on those controls. Which is a lot easier said than done—Sony and Microsoft tried their own versions of motion controls (PlayStation Move and Kinect) with lukewarm results, at best.

Following the Wii, Nintendo released the Wii U, which didn't exactly go as the gaming giant had intended. The Wii U was arguably a good console, but confusion about what it was, as well as some good but underdeveloped ideas, led to Nintendo's Wii follow-up becoming a commercial failure. Still, the Wii U was a unique console that you couldn't directly compare to the PS4 or Xbox One.

Then, Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch, and the rest is history. The Switch was a worldwide hit and, again, Nintendo gave gamers this unique hybrid console you couldn't find elsewhere. While gamers were going back and forth on Sony and Microsoft's consoles (cue the overplayed PC master race comments), the Switch didn't have to worry about being better, as what it provided was of its own.

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Reason 2: Nintendo Dominates the Handheld Console Market (So Far)

Ever since the launch of the Game Boy in 1989, Nintendo has dominated the handheld console market. Sure, there's been competition, such as the Atari Lynx, SEGA Game Gear, Sony's PSP and PS Vita, and mobile gaming, but Nintendo's handheld consoles still stand out in a league of their own.

Even when its competition is more powerful, has unique features, or garners a huge amount of hype, Nintendo knows how to create a handheld device that's intuitive, efficient, and, most of all, comes with some excellent games.

For example, Sony's PS Vita had features ahead of its time that even the Switch (OLED Model) lacks nearly 10 years on. However, the Vita failed while the 3DS and Switch succeeded, despite the massive rise of mobile gaming that occurred while both Sony and Nintendo's handheld consoles were out.

It's hard for Nintendo to be in a console war, then, when there's virtually no other handheld console that gives it a worthy competition. However, things might change with Valve's upcoming Steam Deck, which could challenge Nintendo's handheld crown.

Reason 3: Nintendo Cultivates a Loyal Fanbase Through Crafting Excellent Games

There's a reason that if you look at the top 10 best-selling consoles of all time, Nintendo's consoles take up five places.

Sure you can have a good console or a good franchise, but Nintendo goes above and beyond that, crafting excellent consoles and standout games consistently. Due to this consistency, Nintendo has always stood out from the competition and has both garnered a loyal and dedicated fanbase as well as appealed to more casual gamers.

And, while you could argue Sony and Microsoft have done the same, they haven't quite done it in the way Nintendo has: Nintendo's consoles, games, and quality are arguably the most unique of the big three.

This is the biggest reason Nintendo avoids console wars; it simply offers a more complete experience. If you buy a Switch, you're not just buying a console to play games on, but a unique piece of hardware that opens up a world of excellent Nintendo exclusives that you can only find on the Switch.

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You Should Consider a Nintendo Console for Your Next Purchase

Nintendo successfully avoids the console wars, not because it doesn't have great consoles, but because what it offers is more unique and, therefore, harder to compare.

Nintendo has given gamers a quality experience on its consoles and provides consistently excellent games. It strives for innovations, and gamers around the world respect its trademark standard.

If you're looking for something new and unique for your next console purchase, but have yet to try a Nintendo console, consider getting a Switch—you might just love it.

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