7 Reasons You Should Wait to Play the PS5 Version of Cross-Gen Games

Over the next few years, you can expect to see games release on both the PS5 and the PS4, called cross-generation—or cross-gen—games.

While it’s great that the PS4 is still getting support from Sony over the next few years, here are seven reasons why you should still play these games on PS5.

1. You Can Enjoy Buttery-Smooth Performance With the PS5

The PS5 version of cross-gen games usually comes with two modes—a mode that favors performance and a mode that favors graphics. This allows the PS5 to play games at 60 FPS (frames per second) and even up to 120 FPS in certain games, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Once you start regularly playing at 60 FPS, you’ll love the responsiveness and smooth gameplay. 30 FPS, though while not unplayable, is noticeably less responsive and feels sluggish.

120 FPS is yet another leap and is perfect for games that require ultra-responsive controls, such as twitch shooters.

This is a tremendous step up from the PS4’s usual target of 30 FPS and 60 FPS in certain titles, with Sony’s last-gen console struggling to stick to either of those targets, especially in recent games.

Also, while the PS4 Pro is capable of 60 FPS, the PS5 provides a more consistent performance. The PS4 Pro is also incapable of 120 FPS.

Gamers have been calling for 60 FPS to be the norm in console gaming and it looks like this generation of consoles is going to make that so.

2. The PS5 Will Also Give You an Increased Display Resolution…

Another noticeable step up with the PS5 version of cross-gen games is in its display resolution. The PS5 can run games at 4K resolution—even up to 8K—compared to the PS4s 1080p limit.

Outputting games at 8.3 million pixels compared to the PS4’s around 2 million pixel limit, you’re going to find a more detailed, clearer image when you game on a PS5.

The PS4 Pro can also run games at 4K resolution, although this comes at a cost to performance. The PS5, on the other hand, can hit up to 4K without significant dips in performance. You’re going to get a solid 60 FPS performance at up to 4K on the PS5, something the PS4 Pro struggles to do.

3. … As Well as Improved Graphics

Although graphics aren’t everything, you can’t deny that you appreciate a better-looking version of a game.

With vast improvements over the PS4’s hardware, the PS5 can run games with a lot more bells and whistles than the PS4 and the PS4 Pro, incorporating effects such as ray-tracing, which adds lifelike lighting.

However, it’s worth saying that despite being an eight-year-old console, the PS4 can still deliver absolutely stunning games. Just look at The Last of Us Part II or Ghost of Tsushima to see what Sony’s last-gen console can achieve.

With that being said, the PS4 is at its limits, hardware-wise, whereas the PS5 is just getting started. So, as publishers release more and more upcoming games on both consoles, you can expect the visual differences to increase.

4. Enjoy Much Shorter Load Times on PS5

Featuring an internal SSD (solid-state drive) over the PS4 and PS4 Pro’s HDDs (hard disk drive), the PS5 cuts down significantly on load times, allowing you to get into the action quicker than ever before.

As games have gotten more detailed and complex, the toll on last-gen consoles has translated, in part, to long load times, often lasting minutes. The PS5 cuts down these load times to seconds.

Future cross-gen games will no doubt try to squeeze as much as they can out of the PS4 and PS4 Pro’s aging hardware, but one thing they can’t change is their HDDs. An SSD is simply much faster and much more efficient.

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5. PS5’s Game Boost Will Give Backwards-Compatible Games an Upgrade

Looking at backwards-compatible games—another form of cross-gen games—here, the PS5 also excels.

With the PS5’s Game Boost Feature, you can experience past PS4 titles with significant upgrades to resolution, frame rate, and visual fidelity.

Missed out on God of War? Well, you can now play it at 60 FPS at 4K resolution on the PS5. The Last of Us Part II? It now has a 60 FPS patch on PS5, as does Days Gone, which also runs at a dynamic 4K resolution.

While the Game Boost feature doesn’t add these upgrades to every game, with Sony issuing individual patches for specific titles, if there’s a last-gen game you haven’t tried out yet, you might want to wait in case Sony gives it a patch full of PS5-friendly features.

6. The DualSense Controller’s Haptic Feedback Makes Gaming More Immersive

Alongside what you see when playing the current-gen version of a cross-gen game, what you feel is also improved, thanks to the PS5’s all-new DualSense controller.

Sony has redesigned its PS4 DualShock 4 controller and the results have garnered a lot of fanfare.

Two stand-out features of the DualSense controller are its adaptive triggers, which offer varying resistance based on your gameplay (eg. such as when drawing a bow squeezing a trigger), and the DualSense’s haptic feedback, which offers a more immersive gameplay experience.

While the majority of a game is what you see and hear, being able to feel that much closer to the game you’re playing a major win for the PS5 over its predecessor.

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7. The PS5 Gives You the Best First Impressions of a New Game

Whether it’s an upcoming game, or a cross-gen game you’ve missed but are eager to try, playing it for the first time on PS5 could give you a first impression that is both accurate and long-lasting.

You will able to experience that game at its best. Improved visuals, performance, load times, a revamped gaming controller—all of this will let you sink into the game you’re playing.

That’s not to say the PS4 version of current and future cross-gen games will be terrible. Titles such as Resident Evil Village show that the PS4 still puts up a great gaming experience, despite its age.

However, with all the upgrades it brings, the PS5 version of a cross-gen game will give you the best first impression and the most engaging gameplay experience.

It Will Be Worth Your While to Wait for a PS5

Cross-gen titles are great, allowing people who won’t be upgrading to a PS5 a few years to enjoy the latest games.

However, the PS5 provides a wealth of improvements over that PS4 that will make waiting to play cross-gen titles on PS5 worth your while.

While it’s tricky to get a PS5 right now, there’s plenty of things you can do in the meantime while you wait for Sony’s current-gen console to finally be in your hands.

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