6 Features We Want to See on the iPad mini 6

The iPad mini is the smallest iPad that Apple makes. You can carry it along anywhere without a problem due to how compact and portable it is. After all, it’s just a tad taller than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

These compact iPads were well-received and extremely popular when they first launched. However, the interest has dwindled in recent years since Apple pushed out modern-looking iPads. This is why we think the next iPad mini could use some improvements to meet today’s standards.

So, here are six key features we’d love to see on the iPad mini 6.

1. All-Screen Display

The design of the iPad mini has remained pretty much the same since its first generation, except for a slight reduction in thickness with the iPad mini 4. For today’s standards, this is such a dated look. It’s tough to make customers want a product that looks like this.

With the iPad mini 6, Apple has to get rid of the big forehead and chin to make it more desirable. Thinning down the bezels would make perfect sense for a tiny tablet like the iPad mini. Apple could fit a much bigger screen without increasing the overall size of the iPad.

The current iPad mini display measures just 7.9 inches. If Apple goes for an all-screen front, it could probably fit an 8.5-inch screen in there. Now, that alone is an upgrade anyone would be willing to pay for.

2. Support for Touch ID or Face ID

Trimming the bezels would mean that Apple has to get rid of the Home button. You would think Touch ID has to go at this point, right? Well, not really. The iPad mini could take the same route as the 2020 iPad Air and integrate Touch ID into the Power or Side button.

Some users struggle to reach the Side button on the iPad Air to unlock it, but this should be a lot easier on the iPad mini due to its much smaller size. Some of you may be interested in an in-display fingerprint scanner, but Apple won’t be able to keep the prices down if it takes that route.

Of course, Apple has the choice to bring Face ID to the iPad mini, too. However, considering Apple didn’t add it to the more expensive iPad Air, we don’t really see this happening. Plus, it would significantly raise the iPad mini 6’s price, turning prospective buyers away.

3. Flat Design Like the iPad Pro

Most high-end Apple products nowadays utilize a similar flat design. Take a look at the iPhone 12 and the iPad Pro, for example. Even the new M1 iMac has a flat design now. It’s well known that Apple likes to follow a similar design language across all its products.

Hence, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect this change with the new iPad mini. If Apple decides to go for an all-screen design with the iPad mini 6, it’ll most likely have a flat design, too.

We want this because it makes the tablet easier to grip, based on our experience with the current iPad. Regardless, a fresh new look is something anyone would appreciate.

4. Support for the Apple Pencil 2

The current iPad mini only supports the first-generation Apple Pencil that came out in 2015. Compared to the Apple Pencil 2, it doesn’t offer quality-of-life features like double-tap gestures and magnetic charging. Trust us when we tell you that the charging experience on the original Apple Pencil is the worst.

There are two reasons why we think Apple didn’t include Apple Pencil 2 support in the iPad mini 5. First of all, the inductive charger would have meant more production costs for Apple. Secondly, the iPad mini 5 has rounded edges instead of the flat sides required for Apple Pencil 2 support.

Having said that, if the iPad mini 6 has an all-screen display with a flat design, we think Apple could easily add Apple Pencil 2 support while still keeping the prices down.

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5. Apple A15 Bionic Chip

This one’s a long shot, but we would love to see Apple’s latest mobile chip on the iPad mini 6, especially if it’s released alongside the iPhone 13. Unless Apple decides to adopt a new naming system, it will be the A15 Bionic chip.

The current iPad mini, which came out in early 2019, packs the Apple A12 Bionic chip that shipped with the iPhone XS series in late 2018. Therefore, realistically, Apple may choose the older A14 chip for the iPad mini to keep the price under $400.

All in all, it boils down to when the iPad mini is announced. If it’s coming out in the next few months, we may not see the A15 at all, but this is very much a possibility if it’s launching early next year. We’ll see when the time comes.

6. 5G Support on the iPad mini 6

This is yet another feature that we want but that seems far-fetched. Currently, the cellular version of the iPad mini 5 costs $230 more than the Wi-Fi-only version. Most of you would consider this is quite a premium for a single feature. An ideal iPad mini buyer would rather save that money and use their iPhone’s hotspot feature to connect to the internet when Wi-Fi isn’t available.

Adding 5G connectivity to the iPad mini 6 would raise the prices even higher and likely touch the $600 mark even. At that point, most people would buy the bigger iPad Air instead. However, depending on when Apple plans to launch the iPad mini, we believe the company can add the 5G modem without increasing the price tag.

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Also, we’d like to point out how Apple doesn’t refresh the iPad mini line every year. Remember that it took four years for Apple to release the iPad mini 5. So, if the iPad mini 6 doesn’t have 5G, we’ll need to wait at least a couple of years for its successor to support this technology.

Big Year for the Cheaper iPads

So far, only the more expensive iPad models got the updated design treatment and all the other bells and whistles. The low-end iPads still carry a dated look from the mid-2010s. It’s time for Apple to step up and set the direction for the cheaper iPad models, starting with the iPad mini 6.

The features we listed here sure sound great, but Apple must keep the iPad mini 6’s price relatively the same to drive sales, especially considering the target audience.

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