iPhone Supplier Foxconn Says China Floods Not Impacting Operations

Apple supplier Foxconn, which is Apple’s largest and most important supplier for the iPhone, has said that torrential floods that have hit the Henan province in China, where it houses its main β€ŒiPhoneβ€Œ production plant, have not been impacted operations.

Photo credit to China News Service (via Focus Taiwan)

In a statement to CNBC, Foxconn says that its main factory in Zhengzhou, the capital of the Henan province, had not been impacted by major flooding in the city, which has taken the lives of twelve people, according to local reports. Foxconn says that it had “activated an emergency response plan for flood control measures in that location” and is actively monitoring the situation.

We can confirm that there has been no direct impact on our facility in that location to date, and we are closely monitoring the situation and will provide any updates as appropriate.

The heavy rainfall which has so far displaced over 100,000 residents of the province is expected to continue until Wednesday evening. Officials in the area have suspended the city’s subway network and flights in response.

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