Apple Returns to In-Person ‘Today at Apple’ Sessions in Europe

Apple has returned to in-person Today at Apple sessions in its retail stores in Europe, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, and Brussels, offering local communities a chance to gather once again to learn, collaborate, and explore the world of Apple’s devices and services.

Apple, due to the global health crisis, halted in-person Today at Apple sessions last year. The company was originally hoping to return to normalcy in its stores in the United States on August 30; however, concerns regarding the health and safety of staff and customers pushed the company to delay the return to in-person Today at Apple sessions.

In replacement of in-person sessions, Apple has been producing and publishing Today at Apple sessions for YouTube, ranging from photography to drawing and art. Apple customers in Europe can now reserve and participate in Today at Apple sessions by checking the website for date, time, and availability for their local store.

Apple says that it will ask all participants, including kids, to wear a mask, adhere to social distancing, and additional health and safety measures based on local conditions.
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