Tiramisu Deviled Eggs Are Indeed Satanic

We love our readers, don’t we, folks? I know I do. For the most part, the people who read and comment on Skillet (and Lifehacker in general) make up a pretty pleasant portion of the internet, and I’m always impressed by the creative and unique food hacks and recipes some of you come up with. In fact, the reader-proposed subject of today’s video is a creative and unique take on the classic deviled egg.

If you know me moderately well, you know that I am a big fan of the deviled egg, and that some might go so far as to call me a “purist.” Mayo, mustard (that’s the “deviling” agent), and maybe a little relish and smoked paprika is all you need to make a good one, though I have at times been charmed by a fancy lil’ egg that’s crowned with a prosciutto chip or smattering of salmon roe. But these deviled eggs are not topped with other, smaller eggs—oh, no. This eggs are garnished with cocoa powder and crumbled lady fingers. I don’t know that we could call them “deviled,” but they certainly are satanic.


I will say that I enjoyed one aspect of this egg far more than I expected. The filling was entirely enjoyable—delicious even, particularly when used as a dip for lady fingers—but I ran into some issues with the white. Maybe that’s a me problem, but I can’t stop thinking about how this little dish is almost fantastic, and how I would enjoy reversing the order of the ingredients and piling the filling on top of a bed of lady fingers, then using the egg white to make a meringue topping. That filling was dope, but it just wasn’t at home in a hard-boiled white.



Author: Claire Lower

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