Revolt: An Open-Source Alternative to Discord

Brief: Revolt is a promising free and open-source choice to replace Discord. Here, we take a look at what it offers along with its initial impressions.

Discord is a feature-rich collaboration platform primarily tailored for gamers. Even though you can use Discord on Linux with no issues, it is still a proprietary solution.

You can choose to use Element as an open-source solution collaboration platform, but it is not a replacement.

But, Revolt is an impressive Discord alternative that is open-source.


Revolt is in the public beta testing phase and does not offer any mobile applications. It may lack some essential features that you find on Discord.

Let me highlight what you can expect with Revolt and if it can be a replacement for Discord on Linux.

An Open Source Discord Alternative That You Can Self-Host

project roadmap/release tracker to see what you can expect in its final/future releases.

Install Revolt in Linux

Revolt is available for Linux and Windows. You can choose to use it on your web browser without needing a separate application.

But, if you need to have it on your desktop, they offer an AppImage file and a deb package that you can grab from its GitHub releases section.

If you’re new to Linux, refer to our resources on using an AppImage file and installing deb packages to get started.

Feel free to head to its Feedback section if you want to help them improve with your bug reports and suggestions. Also, you can explore their GitHub page for more information.

What do you think about Revolt? Do you believe that it has the potential to become a good open-source replacement to Discord on Linux?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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