Organize your thoughts while writing with Scrivener for $30

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Writing at any length using word processors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs comes with tradeoffs. While these apps are fine for essays and work documents, they lack some of the features that can make long-form writing easier. That’s where Scrivener 3 for Mac comes in handy. With a lifetime subscription, you’ll have access to intuitive tools that both new and experienced writers will find useful, and right now it’s on sale for 38 percent off, running only $30.

Scrivener is its own word processor, but it’s also a project management tool that will stay with you from your first idea down to your finished product, and it does this by providing myriad tools tailored specifically to writers. You’ll be able to gather your materials, including research, outlines or other essential documents, and flick between them like you would a ring binder. If you have important notes on characters or information, you can check on it easily without needing to print it off or bounce between browser tabs.

In Scrivenings mode, you can put together parts of your writing and edit them as a single document, like rearranging torn pages to create a new document. In addition, Scrivener incorporates tools writers naturally use, such as outlines you can view, cork boards to rearrange your notes and full-screen writing to limit distractions.

Of course, you’ll find all of your essential word processing features like bolding, italics and other formatting styles. Finally, you can easily create block quotes, something that can be tricky and tiresome without a little automatic help.

If you’re an avid writer who needs more than just a word processor to organize your thoughts, you can purchase a lifetime subscription to Scrivener 3 for Mac for $29 — that’s 38 percent off from its regular price of $49.

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