Nothing’s transparent Concept 1 shows us everything hidden inside

Nothing, the new technology company from Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, has revealed Concept 1, a concept product which shows off its design principles. What Pei hasn’t done is explicitly tell us what the Concept 1 is, although we’ll guess it is a true wireless earbud, as this is almost certainly going to be the firm’s first product. That said, it could also be a hairdryer,  part of a vacuum cleaner, or a very showy turbo.

If it is a true wireless earbud — and we’re going to assume it is — it’s unlike any we’ve seen before. The transparent clear case, which the press release, written by Pei, says “embodies our commitment to bringing technology closer to people,” shows off everything inside. It’s likely we’re looking at one part of the driver, with other components running down the stem. It’s striking with the red flash around the driver, cool with the silver metallic stem tip, and as unusual in shape as Samsung’s bean-like design for the Galaxy Buds.

Nothing says the Concept 1’s shape is inspired by a, “Grandmother’s tobacco pipe,” which is certainly not what we expected, but it is built around the idea of making technology feel familiar. This is one part of Nothing’s design concept, joining a wish to only use the essentials, and to simplify the end product. It’s these core aspects which have driven Nothing’s product designs. At the end of February, Nothing announced it is working with Stockholm-based designers Teenage Engineering on its product roadmap.

When will get to see the first product from Nothing? Exact dates are still unknown, but according to Pei, it will launch its first products during the summer, indicating we will see more than one device. Don’t expect a smartphone though, as Nothing is sticking to other smart products, at least for now.

Pei teased his vision for the future too. “We envision a future where technology is so advanced and seamlessly integrated into our lives that it feels like nothing, yet is everywhere,” he wrote. “No screens, no dedicated devices, just barely noticeable technology that empowers us to be more human.”

Exciting stuff, but for now, we’re keen to see what the Concept 1 becomes when it launches.

Nothing’s transparent Concept 1 shows us everything hidden inside

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