VW Group’s 10-year plan: A single EV platform across all its brands

VW Group CEO Herbert Diess presents VW's strategy for the next decade.

On Tuesday, Volkswagen Group revealed its new strategy for the coming decade. Under the tag line “New Auto,” VW Group CEO Herbert Diess laid out how the company plans to increase profitability and streamline its operations by introducing a single battery electric vehicle (BEV) platform across all the group’s brands.

By 2030, VW says that it will make more money selling EVs than vehicles with internal combustion engines, and it expects mobility services and software to make significant contributions to the bottom line by then.

One platform to rule them all

VW Group has been one of the most successful pioneers of using flexible architectures across multiple brands to build a diverse array of vehicles. Currently, there are four internal combustion platforms (MQB, MLB, MSB, and MMB) and one BEV platform (MEB), with a second BEV platform called PPE coming online next year. MEB is for the volume brands VW, Seat, and Skoda, and PPE will be used by Audi and Porsche (and probably Bentley).

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Author: Jonathan M. Gitlin

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