LG’s rollable TV costs 50 times as much as a normal OLED

LG has finally revealed pricing for its 65-inch rollable OLED TV, dubbed the LG Signature OLED R: $100,000. The price was revealed briefly on LG’s website.

Apart from the rolling feature, the TV offers little over other OLED TVs. The Signature OLED R doesn’t even feature the best picture quality that LG’s OLED lineup has to offer. The high-end, non-rollable G1 sets (which cost a little under $3,000) can achieve greater peak brightness, which is key to making a big impression with HDR content. The rollable version instead offers similar performance to 2020’s high-end OLED sets. (The peak brightness upgrade was exclusive to the G series in the 2021 lineup.)

The LG C1 is arguably the most comparable set from the 2021 lineup in terms of picture quality, and the 65-inch version of that TV retails for just over $2,000. That means you’ll be paying almost 50 times more for the ability to roll your TV’s screen down like a car window.

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