Stadia introduces higher revenue split for developers until the end of 2023

Google offers a bigger split of money for Stadia developers.

What you need to know

  • Stadia developers will receive 85% of sales revenue for games released after October 1.
  • The increased split is only for first $3 million earned and until 2023.
  • Google is giving 70% of Stadia Pro monthly revenue to developers with games on the service.

Google announced several new initiatives for Stadia developers to earn more money from the streaming service during the Stadia keynote at the Google for Games Summit today.

The first is a new revenue split for games released on the Stadia store starting after October 1. Developers will receive 85% of sales and Google will take a 15% cut for games released after October 1, 2021 until the end of 2023. The split is applicable to the first $3 million earned, and then will revert to the current split which the company has not revealed.

Another revenue share program introduced is that developers who offer their games to Stadia Pro will receive 70% of monthly revenue from the subscription service. The program is set to begin by the end of July for newer titles, and the individual developer’s split will be determined by how many “session days” that users play the game. For example, one person playing twice in a day will only count as one session day, but playing once the next day will count as two session days.

Google is also introducing an affiliate marketing program for Stadia Pro partners in the first half of 2022. Developers who share the “Click to Play” link of their game, offering instant access to play their game by signing up for the Stadia Pro free trial, will receive $10 for every user that converts to a paid Stadia Pro subscription from the link.

The company had shut down its first-party development studio Stadia Games and Entertainment last February and shifted focus towards third-party games to the list of best Stadia games. John Justice , vice president and head of product at Stadia, left the company two months later in another blow to the division.

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