Google could unveil new hardware on October 5, but probably not the Pixel 6

The event is likely for new Nest devices and updates to Google Maps and Travel.

What you need to know

  • Google is rumored to be holding an event on October 5 to announce new hardware products.
  • The company could unveil new Nest products as well as updates to Google Maps and Travel.
  • However, there’s no mention of Google Pixel 6 being unveiled at the event.

Google’s October event schedule may include more than just announcements for Android 12 and the Google Pixel 6 series. According to a CNET post that has since been removed (a cached version is available here), the company plans to hold an event on October 5 for a few hardware unveiling and updates to some of its services.

XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman managed to grab some screenshots of the post before it was taken, revealing a few important details. First, it suggests that Google will introduce new Nest smart speakers and smart home devices on that day. The last time that Google unveiled a Nest product was in early August with the debut of the battery-powered Nest Doorbell.

Google could also introduce updates to its Google Maps and Travel services. These updates may cover new improvements to how the search giant’s navigation service and flight-booking site work.

However, the highly-anticipated Pixel 6 might be a no-show at the event. The post made no mention of Google’s upcoming Android phone being one of the devices to be unveiled on that date. Android Central reached out to Google for comment, but the company did not immediately respond.

That doesn’t mean the device won’t make an appearance next month. A Telstra promotion for “the latest Google product news and offers” was spotted a few days ago, suggesting that the Pixel 6 phones might be unveiled on October 19.

It’s the same date leaked by Jon Prosser in August, with the phone supposedly set become available on October 28. With Google recently stepping up its Pixel 6 promotion with billboards all over major U.S. cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, the phone’s unveiling is clearly not far off.

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