Poll: Would you take fewer, timely updates or more updates that arrive later?

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One of the more welcome trends in the last year or two has been the push for three years of OS updates, with Samsung being the first major OEM to officially make this pledge. Since then, we’ve seen Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, and Nokia jump on this bandwagon to varying degrees.

That got us thinking whether you’d take more OS updates if they took a long time to get to your device. Or would you take fewer OS updates if they arrived on time? Give us your pick via the poll below.

There are obvious perks to both choices here, but the downsides are pretty significant too. Choose the former option and you’ll have to wait months to get an update. Choose the latter option and you simply won’t get as many OS updates.

Of course, it’s worth noting that companies like Google have a reputation for offering the best of both worlds (more updates that are timely too). But we want to know what’s more important to you. So give us your pick via the poll above.

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